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Home Deep Cleaning Services

Home is where we’ve our souls attached. all is attached to their range in a singular manner. And
who wouldn’t like their abode to be spic and span that’s clean also as hygienic, freed from illness?
this is often what makes Home Cleaning Services a requirement and most vital criterion to make
sure sound health and a pleasing environment. Our company, AKS FACILITIES has designed
specialized cleaning services wherein we go an additional mile in ensuring a totally clean paradise
for our clients.


The surrounding air is comprised of bacteria, germs, and viruses. These aren’t visible to the eye and
sometimes get accumulated in places like furniture, curtains, clothes, floorings, etc. Occasional
cleaning is extremely important to make sure everyone at your house is healthy. We at AKS
FACILITIES bring you the best quality services using the newest techniques, thereby assisting you
in freeing our home from pests and dirt.


Bathrooms and toilets are places that are more susceptible to bacteria and germs. These also are
areas that reflect the health of the general family. Moreover, wouldn’t it feel appealing for your
guests to use an untidy bathroom or toilet in an unhygienic condition? Our Home Deep Cleaning
Services perform a radical cleaning of tubs, showers, pipes, toilet mirrors, washbowls, countertops,
also as sinks. Besides, our staff empty the wastebaskets, disinfect the rest room seats, floors using
warm water and chemical disinfectants. Additionally, we also restock the rest room paper, perform
repairs required including fixing of peg rails, etc.


The next important area during a house is the kitchen. this is often the place that’s most frequented
by bacteria. Leftover pieces of food, stains of oil, sauces, can turn the general appeal of the place.
Besides, these can further accumulate germs, hence got to be treated using appropriate methods.
From cleaning sinks, scrubbing granites, fixing the cabinetry, dusting lighting , our staff carries out
the cleaning task to the last word proficiency. For removing the stubborn stains of oils we use
advanced tools that are safe and chemical-free.


Our home cleaning service doesn’t leave one corner and takes the entire onus of turning the house
tidy. Every corner is vacuumed to get rid of cobwebs, dust, and clutter that’s disposed of safely.
Besides, we also help with the arrangement of DVDs, CDs on the shelf, dusting and rearranging
books within the library, gadgets, accessories also as apparels within the closet.


Does opening your closet or cupboard cause all clothes kowtowing you? Then we are here to assist
you out. From reorganizing things to sorting them out, our staff is trained in every aspect of home
cleaning. Also, if you’re eager to discard old clothes and need them to be recycled or donated, we’ll
assist you to clean them.
From cleaning the floors, dusting the carpets, sofa to turning your home spic and shining, we ensure
to present you with pleasing and fragrant home.

Team Size: Depends upon the site

Time Duration: Depends upon how much and what all to be cleaned


We, at AKS FACILITIES, are a team of professional experts who deem to supply the best house
deep cleaning services within the city of Gurgaon. Backed by a team of experts, we aim to present
to our clients a sustainable environment that’s free from pests, dirt, and mud.

Our experienced team holds expertise in managing and handling small-scale to large-scale projects which are in tandem
with the client requirement. With extensive training and knowledge also as equipped with the
newest tools, we closely add providing a hygienic and clean environment at work, leisure, and home

AKS Facilities is an online stage that interfaces you with the best proficient specialist organizations. They are knowledgeable about doing a wide range of home cleaning services in Gurgaon. Be it ordinary family unit cleaning or profound cleaning tasks , our experts are prepared to furnish you with the best services effectively.

Motivations to keep your home clean

Brings down Stress

Mess and wreck cause pressure. Not exclusively are you continually helped to remember the way that you need to tidy up, you may not discover things when you need them and nothing is set up. This can cause a ton of stress and even make you irritable.

Diminishes hypersensitivities and asthma

Normal cleaning of the rugs, couches and even sleeping cushions can diminish the event of bugs, pet hair and form; which can deteriorate the side effects of asthma and hypersensitivities. You can even book a room profound cleaning or a texture couch shampooing or sleeping cushion shampooing on the off chance that you don’t need the whole house cleaned.

Eliminate germs and irritations

Chaotic homes are a favorable place for germs and nuisances. Despite the fact that for wellbeing and cleanliness reasons, it’s ideal to keep the whole house clean, there are a few zones that need an exhaustive cleaning more than others. With aks office you can book just explicit services to dispose of explicit germs – like water tank cleaning services or kitchen profound cleaning services . On the off chance that these territories are appropriately treated, you will be shielding your family from significant wellbeing risks.

We utilize the best cleaning material and hardware accessible on the planet. Every one of our synthetics are from driving organizations. We additionally utilize natural and clean synthetic substances that are protected to use in homes.

We utilize different machines like vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, scouring machines, and so on as a feature of our cleaning cycle.
    • Moving to another house
    • Moving back to a house that have been shut for some time
    • Post any maintenance or upkeep work
    • Before any favorable event like Diwali , wedding or housewarming
    • After any gathering or occasion.
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