Disinfection Services or Sanitization Services in Delhi and Gurgoan – When the threat to life is severe due to the increasing number of COVID cases in the whole world.it is best to stay safe from our side to the maximum extent possible. There is a possibility of the presence of traces of the virus in your home or office carried by you or others unknowingly.

Sanitization Services


Ped with the newest sanitation technology so as to offer our customers the best service possible. Our prices are affordable and vary counting on the services that you simply require from us. however, We use top-notch tools and equipment that has all the wants to finish diverse cleaning and sanitation operations.

When looking to satisfy all the relevant health and safety standards for your business: it’s important that you simply get some quality advice from one of our sanitation experts in Delhi, sanitation experts in Gurgaon. we provide full-servicing of your building to assist locate any sanitary issues also as instruct cleaning treatments and methods of approach to make sure your business is clean and hygienic for your staff. Whether it’s contaminated water or waste removal we understand the requirements and concerns of your business and act efficiently and cost-effectively to enhance your situation.

Why Sanitization Services?

Home Disinfection services in Delhi are designed to battle against pests like Bacteria, Coronavirus, Viruses, Fungi, and spores and ensure a clean Microbe-FREE environment.
We advise customers on the way to minimize risks through step-up cleaning. We continually keep our customers informed and conscious of good hand hygiene
habits, social distancing, and advising just in case of symptoms of the virus. however, We are here to offer the best service for disinfection services. however, we offer commercial & residential disinfection services using superior to only cleaning and spraying some disinfectant

Residential Sanitization Services: Sanitizing the home is the best method to kick out these Bad guests and make the home a secure place to measure in. Enriched with vast industry experience.
AKS FACILITIES is an operative safeguard protecting you from these microscopic particles. however, AKS FACILITIES is that the best services providers for sanitization services in Gurgaon, house sanitization services in Delhi, also we sanitizing the bed mite.

Benefits of Disinfection Service

– Disinfects in a highly efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly manner
– Non-Allergic and poses no risk to humans, animals, plants, or the environment
– Can also be effective at eliminating undesired odors
– Typically most cost-effective than traditional methods such as deep cleaning, bleaching, and steaming
– Eradicate 99.9% of germs, and prevent cross-contamination and the spread of harmful viruses with our
   hospital-grade disinfection service

Sanitization Services in Delhi Home & Office For Covid -19

Eliminate All Potential Threats Through Our Effective Cleaning From Your Building. Without a vaccine against COVID-19, the world has to learn to live with it while keeping the danger of the infection at the bay. however, And that can be achieved only through the highest standards of cleanliness and Home Sanitization Services in Delhi practices.

As the lockdown measures ease slowly, you need to get back to life and work with caution. We are one of the best cleanings in Gurgaon are poised to keep the city infection-free. We are the Best Sanitization/Disinfection Services Company in Delhi/Gurgaon.

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Best Sanitization/Disinfection Services Company in Delhi/Gurgaon:

A complete service for a complete solution: Whether you are a business owner who wants to clean the commercial complex or you want your homes to be sanitized keep clean. so that you can live safely without the fear of being infected, you can get the service from us.

We understand the fact that sanitization needs are different and at present, However, it gets further dynamic, hence, we first look at the nature of cleaning needs and then give you the right plan for cleaning your home and offices. However, Rest assured that you will get a complete and effective cleaning service from us.

Sanitization of Offices & Homes to Kill Coronavirus & to Make Offices, Corporates & Homes COVID 19 Free: With more than 5 years of experience in carpet cleaning, AKS Facility, is well experienced to deliver you the Sanitization Services, best Carpet Shampooing, Carpet Cleaning Service In Delhi, Gurgaon/Gurugram.
We are well-known in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR India. Today, we know that based on some solid principles, However, we could able to obtain success in providing the best carpet cleaning service.

Disinfection Services Sanitization Services for Covid & After Covid:

Sterilization is the demonstration or cycle of making something totally spotless and liberated from the earth, germs, and microbes. During the time spent disinfection, the number of microorganisms (germs and microscopic organisms) are considerably dispensed with, generally by 99.99%. We may give various statements from various merchants with the goal that you can look at the rates and get a good deal on picking the most appropriate sterilization specialist organizations in Delhi NCR close to you.

Sanitization disinfecting services: 

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AKS Facilities is a specialist in providing sanitization and disinfection services in Gurgaon However, With the recent rise of cases of Covid 19, the need for sanitization and disinfection Gurgaon for offices, commercial spaces, Hospitals, Banks, Schools, Society, residences, and government buildings, is at its prime. Sanitization Services in Gurgaon, Sanitization Services in Delhi.

Our services:
Our Services Includes:
  • Office Disinfection Services in Gurgaon- thorough sanitizing of your workplace that includes electronics and furniture.
  • House sanitizing using EPA Approved sanitizers.
  • Home sanitization services to kill all the fragments of the virus present anywhere inside your home to keep you and your family safe.
  • Our disinfection services use the chemicals and sanitizers, which are most effective and also safe to use, taking vital precautions to protect you extensively from the chemicals.
Office Sanitization for covid-19 Services in Delhi:

Public & Gathering Places Home & Offices Sanitizing Services in Delhi. However, The first-ever company that has 360° approach using the best sanitization services in Delhi NCR to safeguard against germs and virus .which your face lately First every Indian company to accumulate sanitize of areas where we use traditional and modern techniques.

Protect Yourself From Virus: Avoid close contact with people that are sick, even inside your home. However, If possible, maintain 6 feet between the one that is sick and other household members.

  • Wash Your Hands

    Wash your hands often with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
    especially after you’ve got been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

  • Use Hand Sanitizer

    If soap and water aren’t readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains a minimum of 70% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.

  • Cover Your Mouth

    Everyone should wear a cloth face cover once they need to leave publicly, for instance to the grocery or to select up other necessities.

  • Avoid Touching

    Health experts recommend that you simply avoid touching your face because it can potentially protect you from infection.

  • AKS Facilities are available in every part of Gurgaon- sector 4 to sector 65.
  • Additionally, we offer 24*7 services; thereby, you can get our sanitization services in Delhi, professional disinfection services in Delhi NCR whenever you feel comfortable.
  • Sanitizing Cleaning Services in Delhi Gurgaon Faridabad at your service for the safeguard from this illness.
  • You can call us on +91 8800552456, +91 8178902147.
  • Additionally, you can write us a mail at info@aksfacilties.in
  • Please book an appointment to enjoy our service.

Chemicals Using In Sanitization Services in Gurgaon:

NACL2 ( Sodium Hypochlorite )
Oxivire And Virex For Fumigation


  • If you choose a specific service and then need any other customer service too. the charges are extra accordingly.
  • The package does not include the area outside the house or office.
  • We cannot fix the duration of the job.
  • The customers need to empty cabinets and shelves themselves.
  • Disinfecting of utensils is not included in the package.
Home Disinfection & Sanitization Cost:-
Apartment Disinfection Services Charges:
  • 1BHK HOME SANITIZATION -> Rs. 1499/-
  • 2BHK HOME SANITIZATION -> Rs. 1899/-
  • 3BHK HOME SANITIZATION -> Rs. 2499/-
  • 4BHK HOME SANITIZATION -> Rs. 2799/-
  • 5BHK HOME SANITIZATION -> Rs. 3199/-
Bungalow Sanitization and Disinfection
  • Villa(2000-3000 sq. ft.) -> Rs. 2099/-
  • Villa(3000-4000 sq. ft.) -> Rs. 2499/-
  • Villa(4000-5000 sq. ft.) -> Rs. 3099/-
Commercial Space Disinfection
  • Up to – 5000 sq. ft. -> Rs. 2.00 per sq. ft.
  • 5001 – 10000 sq. ft . -> Rs. 1.50 per sq. ft.
  • 10001 – 20000 sq. ft. -> Rs. 1.00 per sq. ft.
  • 20001 – 50000 sq. ft. -> Rs. 0.75 per sq. ft.
  • 50001 – 100000 sq. ft. -> Rs. 0.60 per sq. ft.
  • Above – 100001 sq. ft. -> Rs. 0.50 per sq. ft.

Home & Office Sanitization FAQS:


What is Sanitization & Disinfection?

Sanitization is the process to keep the residential or commercial area hygienic and free from bacteria, germs, and dirt to stop the chances of spreading viruses.

Sanitization keeps the environment clean and protects human health from harmful components.

After the cover 19 pandemic situation, the Government made it mandatory to keep the living and workplaces sanitized.


What are the benefits of Sanitization and Disinfection?

Due to the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, it becomes mandatory to avail of these services.

It Not only stops spreading Coronavirus, but it also protects from various viral infections or diseases such as influenza, bird flu, swine flu, diarrhea, food positioning, or other flu, etc caused by microorganisms such as bacteria or germs.

It is not useful for home or office only, but for complete society or commercial building. In short, This process is an initiative towards healthy and disease-free living.

What is the process of Sanitization or Disinfection?

Sanitization is done when serious bacteria or germs are not active as alcohol-based fluids are used to eliminate.

the viruses, whereas disinfection is performed when surfaces are exposed to the virus.

Although the validity of these services is of 1 week approximately, one can avail of these services once a month.


How long it takes and when is to be done?

The whole process may take min 20 minutes to 2-3 hours all depending upon the size of the residential or commercial area.

Regular sanitization or disinfection activities are required where businesses witness daily. customers such as hospitals, offices, educational institutions, shopping malls, etc.

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