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Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Our Professionals

Carpet cleaning can be quite a hassle, especially when you have pets in our house. If you need to get your carpet cleaned, and if you haven’t cleaned it in more than a few months now, it is time you call a professional. While most of us use vacuum, it does not help get rid of the dirt, germs and allergens from within.

AKS Facilities spoils its customers with the choice of carpet cleaning. We offer various types of deep cleaning for your carpets, making them look fresh and as good as new.

The types of carpet cleaning services provided by us are,

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the most preferred of all the options available. Our experts clean the carpet using a cleaning powder to deep clean the carpet. The powder is sprinkled all over the carpet, and this attracts all the dirt. The powder is left on the carpet for a specific amount of time, after which it is cleaned using a strong vacuum.

The cleaners we use for Carpet Cleaning in Gurgaon are strong and remove allergens, germs and dust from the carpets in no time. Also, as it is a dry cleaning process the downtime is less too.


Shampooing is a very common method to clean carpets. Specially formulated detergents are used on the carpet, and a machine is used to agitate the solution used. The cleanser is then extracted using a vacuum.

The detergents used by AKS Facilities keeps the carpet clean and free from odor. This is an ideal way to clean the carpets when they are new and have not accumulated a lot of dust or dirt.

Foam Cleaning

Foam cleaning of carpet combines the dry cleaning method with shampooing to provide fresh and a clean carpet in no time. Our experts use specially formulated cleansing foam, which is applied to the carpet just like in the dry cleaning process. The foam penetrates into the carpet and attracts the dust, dirt and pollens. The foam is then collected using a vacuum.

Steam cleaning

This is one of the best and a well-known method used to clean carpets. The process needs to be done by a professional as even a small damage leads to carpet replacement. Being one of the best Carpet Cleaning in Delhi, we ensure that the steam cleaning is done with care, and is effective.

Be it an old carpet or a new one, you now know whom to call when it needs a deep cleaning!

Carpets can gather stains, dust, dirt and are also the cause of asthma and other air borne diseases. Our carpet cleaning service can give you a spotless, appealing and long-lasting carpet Cleaning that will be beyond satisfactory measures. We strive to deliver high quality cleaning with non-toxic and environment-friendly cleaning material that will brighten up your home to another level.

We provide an efficient and professional carpet Deep cleaning Services In Gurgaon for a clean home that is bound to bring a smile to you and your guests’ face.

What’s more? Our trained and professional staff will ensure a fresh, clean and glistening carpet in just 30 minutes! Quick and effective. Get our professional Carpet Cleaning Service at your Doorsteps by just one call.

Our range of Professional Carpet Cleaning Gurgaon deliverables include:

  • Deep Vacuuming
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Scrubbing
  • Stain Removal
  • Wet Vaccuming

After We Finish Carpet Cleaning Gurgaon It Take 4-8 Hours For Complete Dry.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient Carpet Cleaning Gurgaon, give us a call right away on this no. 8800552456

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