Sanitization services for covid-19

AKS FACILITIES are able to fight and serve mankind against all the chances in today’s pandemic
environment. We are one among the most important groups of highly focused business units,
performing on to satisfy the necessity OF THE HOUR. Our offerings are a doorway to abide by the
govt rules & regulations and assist you to determine a deeper reference to the doctors and
consumers. within the wake of sanitization services for covid-19, we are well ever that currently, the precautionary
measure is that the main fix.

Sanitization services for covid-19

Hence, AKS FACILITIES is occupation the direction of satisfying the necessity of great importance. we provide a plethora of hygiene products and sanitization services serving various Industrial & residential sectors.

During this coronavirus outbreak, we are constantly hearing these words, like sanitization,
disinfectant. But what exactly do they cover? Here, we’ve simplified it for you! The roles of
Sanitization and Disinfectant and go far beyond! Hence, knowing the difference between these
profound sanitizing terms is vital.
Benefits of hiring professional disinfection and sanitization services
Hiring professional disinfection and sanitization services comes with a ton of benefits. Apart from
the fact that they are experts in their field who know exactly what they are doing, getting your
residential and commercial property sanitized and disinfected professionally has the following

benefits –

1.They use industry-standard disinfectants
They use industry-grade chemicals which have been approved by regulatory bodies. These
disinfectants not only remove harmful germs, bacteria and viruses, but also effectively kills them.
2.Complete sanitization of high-touch surfaces
High-touch surfaces such as door handles and knobs, switchboards, the tables in your office
reception area or the kitchen countertop or coffee table in your home are more likely to harbor all
kinds of dust, dirt and disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses. Professionals can sanitize and
disinfect all these surfaces.
3.Reduced risk of infection and falling ill
Once your home or office is free of germs and bacteria, infection is much less likely to spread,
which means that you, your colleagues or your family have a reduced risk of falling sick.

Special Sanitization

Sanitization is an action during which AKS FACILITIES trained technician rigorously sanitizes
your space with EPA Grade chemicals. They use the newest best Technology that provides whole
360-degree coverage and ensures a secure , hassle-free, and effective sanitization. Our Products are
non-toxic, non-alcoholic and eco-friendly and are very safe for humans. Our team religiously
follows the given guidelines , to attenuate the number of harmful viruses on the surfaces.

ULV Sanitization

Ultra low volume (ULV) cold foggers are employed to disinfect surfaces by creating optimized
micron particle size droplets to use sanitization agents effectively. Each ULV cold-fogger is
provided with an electrical motor which pumps the disinfecting agents out of the tank, passing
through the nozzle located at the front of the fogger. The nozzle compresses the air at low ,
transforming the disinfecting agents into tiny droplets before dispersing them into the atmosphere.
ULV Cold Fogging ensures comprehensive decontamination, including in difficult to succeed in
areas like ceilings, high walls and cupboards.
AKS FACILITIES also provide Pest Control Services

sanitization services in delhiSpecial Disinfestations Service

Gel Treatment – just for Cockroaches & Ants – a touch amount of gel is coated on strategic areas
like the kitchen, pantries, toilets, etc, to avoid cockroaches and ants from crawling around the
premises. This latest gel technology helps in quick removal and no re-invasion.
Spray Treatment – The chemicals are sprayed around the premises to eliminate crawling insects like
Cockroaches, Red/Black Ants, Silverfish, Lizards, Spiders, etc.

Anti-Termite Treatment

Anti Termite treatment after construction is completed by drilling at the wall and floor intersection
or under the building as needed , filling the openings with anti-termite chemicals that kill or repels
termites and sealing the gaps with solid.
A) Anti-Termite Treatment – Comprehensive Contracts may be a Five/Seven years contract that’s
usually signed up with a whole structure like societies or standalone buildings.
B) Anti-Termite Treatment Maintenance is an Annual Maintenance contract for individual
houses, offices, industries & warehouses, etc.
TEAM SIZE: Depends upon the site
Time Duration: Depends upon how much and what all to be sanitized


How long does the Treatment take?

It depends on the area to be covered.

  • Commercial Area : 3000 sq.ft ~ 1-2 hours
  • Residential Building: 7 Levels ~ 2 hours

Is it required to vacate the premises?

  • The premise needs to be vacant for 2-3hours post treatment.

How long does it take for Surface to be Disinfected?

  • Within 5-10 minutes in contact with the Surface Treated.

Is it required to vacate the premises?

  • The premise needs to be vacant for 2-3hours post treatment.
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