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Disinfection treatment AKS FACILITIES offers Professional Sanitization-Disinfection Services in Gurgaon, Disinfection and Sanitization Service in Delhi NCR, Top-notch office and house sanitizing services for Covid-19
The post-COVID-19 world goes to vary. Let’s call it the new normal, but are you ready to face it?

AKS FACILITIES offers Professional Sanitization-Disinfection Services in Gurgaon:

AKS Facilities is bringing quality disinfection and extensive sanitization services in Delhi alongside pest control solutions to the doorstep. Our goal is to stay in your home, office, or industrial space virus, bacteria, and pest-free through ULV anti-microbial sanitization services, and office disinfection services in Delhi.

We are a top home and office sanitization service company in Delhi. We care about our patrons, their health, and space cleaning, also as disinfection requirements. Our sanitization service professionals are well-trained, thorough, and respect your privacy.

Disinfection treatment AKS FACILITIES offers Professional Sanitization-Disinfection Services in Gurgaon:

Dusting twice every week isn’t enough. Today, it’s evident that viruses don’t care about weekly home cleanses or monthly commercial sanitization. The sanitization measures suggested by governments and medical associations cover home and office sanitization alongside self-hygiene.

So, you want to be wondering, “Why can’t we do Sanitization ourselves?” you’ll indeed use disinfectants to wash your home and office, but deep and complete Sanitization, the necessity of the hour, requires the newest technology machines and expertise.

Our Sanitzation Services includes:

House sanitizing services: In-home sanitizing services (also called home disinfection Treatment), overall sanitization, and disinfection of your entire house are going to be done including all the furniture, and rooms. If required our experts will use alcohol-based sanitizers to disinfect your house.

House disinfection services: In process of house disinfection, our experts will do overall disinfection of the entire home including all the furniture and rooms using powerful and safe chemicals.

Office disinfection services: within the process of office disinfection, experts will thoroughly disinfect your entire office space including furniture, electronics, and equipment. they’re going to use top-quality disinfectors and chemicals to kill and take away harmful micro organism completely.

Why does one need professional home/office/commercial space sanitization & Disinfection treatment?

AKS Facilities offers thorough Disinfection services in Noida, Delhi, and Gurugram. Every surface, nook, and corner is cleaned and sanitized meticulously by the professionals. No spot is missed. Air-misting, followed by a complete wipe-down of high-touch surfaces ensures clean surfaces and clean nooks.

Disinfection Treatment:

The disinfectants employed by AKS Facilities’ office and house sanitizing services are certified by the authoritative bodies and approved for effective disinfection. The chemicals used aren’t readily available within the market and are considered to be hospital-grade.

Highly effective:

Professional home, office, and commercial space sanitization is very effective and result-oriented. you are doing not need to be obsessive about cleanliness, to take a position during a professional office and house sanitizing services, you only got to care about yourself, and therefore the people you interact with/meet daily.


TEAM SIZE: 1 – 3 depend upon the area

DURATION: 1 – 2 hours depend upon the work

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