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Sofa Cleaning Palam Vihar: – Whenever a guest arrives at our home we try to offer them a neat and clean house to visit. But what about the sofa? All the places in our house are clean and the place where the guest has to sit is untidy that is if the sofa is untidy, then it does not marshal a good impact on our guests.

Our workers are professional cleaners who are trained in their work. Our most of the workers are experienced in cleaning various types of furniture, room and office places. We are providing cleaning services and Sofa cleaning services in Gurgaon since years in many big cities of India. We serve in many parts of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Mansesar and Delhi NCR.


Dusting and vacuuming:

Dusting removes the dust which set on the sofa. Vacuuming help removing dust from inside of sofa.

Removal of stains:

Stains of food items are removed by means of chemicals wash and detergents.
Conditioning of leather:
In leather sofa, the leather need to be conditioned by suitable oil or chemicals. Conditioning is done if your sofa is a leather sofa.


1. Do note dry in sunlight. It may result in fading of colour.The leather covers of leather may get damage in sunlight.
2. Hard and complicated stains of tea, coffee, ketchup and etc may not be removed.
3. You will have to wait for few hours for using sofa till it gets completely dry.
4. Time required in cleaning is defined. Time required may vary from 2 hours to 4 hours.Extra amount of charges will be fined for any other request of cleaning work.
5.Cushions are not included in this package extra amount of money will be charged for cushions cleaning.

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