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Sanitization Services in GurgaonDelhi NCR Home Sanitization services in gurgao for Offices & Homes to Kill Coronavirus & to Make Offices, Corporates & Homes COVID 19 Free



Sanitization Services in Gurgaon AND DELHI NCR HOME SANITIZATION SERVICE IN GRUGAON and Delhi NCR. We provide deep cleaning dust removal & Disinfection service to kill CoronaVirus. To make your home/residence free from Coronavirus, one should take help of professionals like us who are expert in this field.

We use Sodium Hypochlorite (Environmental Cleaning Guidelines for Healthcare Settings – Page No. 25) & other chemicals like Diversey virex 256 approved by Ministry of Health of India.

Corporates, govt. offices & big private offices are in much more need of sanitization & disinfection as the movement of public is very frequent. We provide best sanitisation service  to make your homes & offices coronavirus free.

TO get rid of all of those infect ants, AKS Facilities offer their sanitizing disinfection service In Gurgaon, ensuring maximum protection and safety from this infection. Our staff is trained, and they follow standard rules and procedures for sanitizing cleaning service.


Sanitization Services in Gurgaon | Sanitizing services in gurgaon delhi ncr



House Disinfectant Service Gurgaon, Delhi NCR- overall disinfection of your whole house including all the furniture and rooms.








Home Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgao Delhi NCR Best Professionals Doorstep in 2 Hours :

Home Deep Cleaning Services Gurgaon Deep cleaning services in Gurgaon

We are prominent And One of the Most Trusted Home Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR.

AKS Facilities is one of the most reputable name in Professional Sanitization services in Gurgaon. and total home hygiene solutions in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

Our Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon has served countless homes with lots of satisfied customers. Our highly expert
professionals use Best machines, equipment and chemicals to provide a high- quality cleaning experience.

home deep cleaning services in Gurgaon

We provide a wide range of services from customized Home & Office cleaner Services  in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR
to an express service.

– We are using specialized, safe and government approved chemicals like Taski Or Schevaran.

– Our trained and experienced Cleaners are background verified.

– We are providing wide range of House Deep Cleaner In Gurgaon and Delhi NCR for every need including any customization requests.

 For A Clean And Germ Free Home

House is essential for the health as well as the beauty of your house. While most families to indulge in deep cleaning of their houses every few months, others look for professional cleaners to get rid of the harboring germs, pollutants or allergens.

What most of the families do not understand is that germs, dust, or mites are still hidden in the house and can be removed using professional services only. AKS Facilities provides expert and professional home Sanitization Services in Gurgaon, and help you enjoy a healthy and a clean home in no time.

The Services Provided

AKS Facilities provides excellent services for home deep cleaning in Delhi and a few of the prominent ones are listed below.

Carpet Cleaning

If you use a carpet in your house, you might clean it regularly to get rid of any debris or dirt. But, are you sure that the vacuum you use can penetrate into the carpet filters and deep clean it. Our experts provide reliable services and help clean the pollutants, germs and dust from the deepest layers of the carpet.

Professional cleaned carpets stay fresh for long and are free from odor. We use emulsifiers with water, along with powerful vacuums to remove the contaminants in the carpet. Due to the use of industrial strength vacuums, even tiny debris can be removed efficiently.

Cleaning of Furniture and Appliances

When was the last time you cleaned your bookshelf or wiped over all the woodwork in your house? Be it a couch or an appliance, professional cleaning services are a must when it comes to upholstery cleaning.

Your house has the things that you love the most, and these can be filled with pollen, germs or even with pet dander. The construction of the furniture makes it impossible to deep clean it all by yourself.

Air Duct Cleaning

The air ducts in the home can be the dirtiest places where you find dust, mold and bacteria. These get circulated inside the house whenever you use your cooling or the heating unit, causing more harm than good.

By choosing professional services for home deep cleaning, you can fight back against dirt and germs, and let your family breathe clean and pure air when indoors.

Be it carpet or furniture cleaning, choosing expert services has its own advantages. With our reliable and affordable cleaning services, deep cleaning of your home is never a hassle again.

– We continuous dialogue with our valued customers to get their feedback and update after service.



Fan, windows, Balconies,Floor cleaning and Vacuumed all Areas where needed if Rooms Have Wooden floor we Cleaned and


Deep Cleaned in Top to Bottom like-Floor & Walls Tiles, Tabs, WC, Basin window and fan Cleaning.


Deep Cleaning of all Cabinet outside, Floor,Oil removal from all of Kitchen area windows & Exhaust Fan Cleaning.

Living Area:

Floor,window,Glass,Fan,AC Vaccuming all of furniture Sofa Chairs,Curtain and Carpet. Expert Cleaner Team, 2 – 4  Professionals Time- 4-8 Hours



1* Customer Have to Arrange Ladder, Water and Electricity Connection.

2* Servent Room Not Included in this Package if Needed Then Extra Charge will applicable.

3* if Customer Need inside Cleaning of Rooms Almirahs, Cabinet and Kitchen Cabinet Need to Empty before Cleaning starts.

4* Outside Home area Not included in this package will Extra Charge 5R Per Sqft.

5* Job Duration is very Depends on Size of House Area.

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Office Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Faridabad

To maintain a productive environment in an office, the workplace should always be clean and tidy.professional office Deep cleaning services in Gurgaon Delhi NCR. for office sanitization & disinfection services sessions.

Office Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon


Need Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Keep Office Clean and Germ Free with Professional Cleaning sanitization service and disinfection service

Corporate and commercial offices are supposed to be clean, germ-free, and sanitized for a productive and disease-free environment. We, at AKS Facilities, provide professional Services to help in promoting a healthy work environment. All our cleaning sanitization and disinfection staff are professionally trained using standard protocol and ensure offices are spotlessly cleaned.

office Cleaning services in Gurgaon


Commercial Office Cleaning services in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR & Faridabad

We have been known to provide satisfactory services to offices and workplaces. We provide office Deep cleaning services in Gurgaon at affordable prices and our services are reliable. All our staff is trained and use proper clean equipment and certified chemicals to ensure 100% Satisfaction. Our services are affordable, and you do not have to worry about irregularity of service providers.

We have adopted a standardize practice and follow all the guidelines while starting the process. With help of professionals Cleaners, cleanliness and sanitation is of utmost priority and there is regular best service to maintain hygiene. This helps in reducing disease and keeps the environment germ-free.

Extensive solutions

There are wide range of cleaning sanitization services and disinfection services solutions provided by AKS Facilities. The staff and cleaning sanitization services and disinfection services support are trained to ensure that maximum hygiene is maintained.

We provide comprehensive office cleaning services in Gurgaon solution. We not only help in maintaining a clean and spotless office but also provide equipment, protective gear to cleaners and certified chemicals for cleaning sanitization and disinfection. You do not have to worry about the cleanliness and hygiene with us. Our staff is regular and maintain a strict discipline every day. Some of our staff have high end experience in hotels, hospitals, and Housekeeping service in Gurgaon.

So, are you looking for a commercial cleaning sanitization with professional trained staff? Now, look no more and contact us immediately. Your cleanliness requirement is now our priority. We maintain all safety protocols and follow standard guidelines to make offices germ-free, clean, and highly productive. It is now time to say goodbye to germs, dust, spots, odors and a hello to hygiene and cleanliness.

Carpets and sofas are used to attracting dust particles by means of regular movement in and out of the office. In this case, they tend to deposit dirt residues which can only be removed by means of vacuum cleaning sanitization services and disinfection services. Similarly, bathroom cleaning is also an important task for maintaining the utmost level of hygiene, health and sanitation facilities. It has to be neat and clean at all times.

Office floors, toilets, pantry, equipment, and furniture attract dust and germs.  sanitization disinfection are necessary to keep your office clean. We utilize Taski chemicals to get rid of the stains. If necessary, we include sanitization  and disinfection  to weed out stubborn stains. Scrubbing and mopping. corporate office cleaning services in Gurgaon Delhi NCR.

At AKS Facilities Solution, we offer the following types of  service :

The team consists of experienced members who hold rich industry experience and are also certified by the hotel management and housekeeping departments. Opt for prominent office Deep cleaning service providers in Gurgaon Delhi  NCR that caters to overall cleaning sanitization disinfection solutions.


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