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Keep Customers and Employees Safe

AKS FACILITIES offers cleaning and disinfecting services that help clients maintain healthy operations and Stay before The Curve. From enhanced touchpoint cleaning to turnkey janitorial programs, AKS FACILITIES works with clients on a national scale to deploy solutions that keep customers and employees safe. Cleaning and Disinfecting Programs made to Your Needs. AKS FACILITIES works with clients to make programs that fit the requirements of both individual sites and therefore the requirements of huge corporate entities. Working with Schools, municipalities, and businesses, We utilize best practices across markets to deliver solutions for professional cleaning and disinfecting.

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There will be more expectations and standards for a healthier workplace and specialty coronavirus sanitizing and disinfecting services.



All over the world, numbers of infections have decreased and businesses and organizations are working towards reopening their facilities. With new standards for better and maintained workplaces, we are a top sanitizing company offering expert level disinfecting services,

sanitization services in delhi | home sanitization services in delhiSanitizing Process Of Your Home/Office Spaces

As the virus is rapidly transmitted through air and surfaces, it is necessary to treat to disinfect the place to get the best outcomes. We are doing the Sanitization in two processes. In the sanitization process, we use sanitation agents, smart tools, and advanced machinery. The reason to provide special attention to all spaces and surfaces across the premise which removes 99 % of germs

Step 1: Surface Disinfection

AKS professionally trained team visits the place of sanitization and disinfects the sensitive surface areas. In this first stage, we use advanced machines and smart tools. And also carry world-renowned sanitizing agents. We give our special attention to high germ, contamination spots to disinfect the areas.

Step 2: Aerial Disinfection

We are doing Aerial Disinfection in the second stage. With the use of specialized machines and highly effective sanitizing agents throughout the disinfection area. With this process, we ensure effective and appropriate dissemination of the sanitizing solution to all surfaces…

AKS, do the following in Sanitization :
    • Kills harmful viruses and bacteria
    • Includes all areas of your house
    • Hospital-grade chemical, machine & technique used
    • Kills disease-causing viruses including coronavirus
    • Total sanitization of high-touch surfaces
How it’s done?
    • We do the cold fumigation / ULV fogging of the sanitization area using the EPA recommended hospital grade chemicals*
    • We regularly spray and wipe off all frequently touched points (door handles, switches, door handles, etc)


AKS FACILITIES Sanitizing Company & Disinfecting Services focuses on commercial and residential sanitizing & disinfecting services. We are here to urge you back to business and consistently keep your environment up to a replacement high standard.

We’re working closely with businesses and families to take care of healthier workplaces and offer specialty coronavirus sanitizing and disinfecting services.

AKS FACILITIES has experienced engineers available in Delhi to supply deep cleaning and sanitizing services. Our mission is to stay businesses operational active, and virus-free by providing a fogging disinfection service to assist minimize germs and viruses from surviving.



The fogger is the electrical ULV cold fogger sprayer, which is little and convenient to use and maneuver around small spaces. the appliance process is employed to treat large areas to regulate airborne transmitting viruses.



Our teams also are available to undertake our deep clean service during business downtime and/or closures. The virus can stay active on some surfaces for more days – our deep cleaning and fogging service will help keep your facilities clean at the convenience of your operations.

Today it’s more important than ever to reassure your customers that your business is clean and safe to use as increased virus concerns rise.

Our service persons, who provide sanitizing services, can reach the sites required to supply a clean and sanitized environment for your customers.

Now and quite ever before it’s more important that commercial buildings are kept clean and hygienic. Daily cleaning should be a given for each business, thorough disinfection is required to kill harmful bacteria that survive surfaces and equipment. Infectious diseases like COVID-19 can survive on chrome steel surfaces for up 72 hours and thus, if not disinfected properly could present a huge risk to the health and safety of staff, guests, and therefore the wider population.

Stop the Spread of Infection with Disinfection

We offers a variety of disinfection services ideal for all kinds of business; from hospitals to restaurants to manufacturing to universities to offices. Your normal cleaning routine can reduce surface level germs but professional disinfection takes this to subsequent level. Our local certified hygiene skilled technicians use specialist equipment to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs; supplying you with peace of mind that your facility is safe.

*Specially trained local hygiene technicians

*Minimal disruption to your business – and agreed pre-determined schedule

*Areas closed off for safety during the disinfection process

*Maximum coverage – ability to disinfect hard to succeed in surfaces and enormous areas

*Added protection for your workers and customers



We now use the EPA-registered disinfectants specifically targeting the virus. Human coronaviruses like COVID-19 are enveloped viruses, which are the simplest viruses to kill using the right chemicals. The EPA and CDC state that if an antimicrobial product can kill a little , non-enveloped virus like Rhinovirus and Norovirus, it should be ready to kill any enveloped virus. we will provide more information about the EPA Listed disinfectants that we utilize upon request.



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