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Office Cleaning Services Gurgaon

Office Cleaning Services Gurgaon

Office Cleaning Services in Gurgaon

To maintain a productive environment in an office, the workplace should always be clean and tidy.professional office cleaning services in Gurgaon Delhi NCR. for office cleaning sessions.

Need Office Deep Cleaning Services

Keep Office Clean and Germ Free with Professional Cleaning Services

Corporate and commercial offices are supposed to be clean, germ-free, and sanitized for a productive and disease-free environment. We, at AKS Facilities, provide professional office cleaning services and help in promoting a healthy work environment. All our cleaning staff are professionally trained using standard protocol and ensure offices are spotlessly cleaned.

Commercial Office Cleaning Service

We have been known to provide satisfactory services to offices and workplaces. We provide office cleaning in Gurgaon at affordable prices and our services are reliable. All our staff is trained and use proper cleaning equipment and certified chemicals to ensure 100% cleaning. Our services are affordable, and you do not have to worry about irregularity of service providers.

We have adopted a standardize practice and follow all the guidelines while starting the cleaning process. With help of professional services, cleanliness and sanitation is of utmost priority and there is regular cleaning to maintain hygiene. This helps in reducing disease and keeps the environment germ-free.

Extensive deep cleaning solutions

There are wide range of cleaning solutions provided by AKS Facilities. The staff and cleaning support are trained to ensure that maximum hygiene is maintained.

  • The floors are mopped with disinfectants to minimize the presence of germs. All the sofas and carpets tend to accumulate dust over time. Our deep cleaning service helps in removing dust particles with use of proper equipment. All the tables are cleaned spotlessly and wiped off the dust.
  • The washrooms are cleaned at regular interval to ensure maintenance of high-level hygiene. Scrubbing of floors instantly to remove any stains or spots. The windows, office equipment, walls and every corner are cleaned.

We provide comprehensive office cleaning in Gurgaon solution. We not only help in maintaining a clean and spotless office but also provide equipment, protective gear to cleaners and certified chemicals for cleaning. You do not have to worry about the cleanliness and hygiene with us. Our staff is regular and maintain a strict discipline every day. Some of our staff have high end experience in hotels, hospitals, and housekeeping services.

So, are you looking for a commercial cleaning service with professional trained staff? Now, look no more and contact us immediately. Your cleanliness requirement is now our priority. We maintain all safety protocols and follow standard guidelines to make offices germ-free, clean, and highly productive. It is now time to say goodbye to germs, dust, spots, odors and a hello to hygiene and cleanliness.

Carpets and sofas are used to attracting dust particles by means of regular movement in and out of the office. In this case, they tend to deposit dirt residues which can only be removed by means of vacuum cleaning. Similarly, bathroom cleaning is also an important task for maintaining the utmost level of hygiene, health and sanitation facilities. It has to be neat and clean at all times.

Office floors, toilets, pantry, equipment, and furniture attract dust and germs. Cleaning and disinfection are necessary to keep your office clean. We utilize Taski chemicals to get rid of the stains. If necessary, we include dry cleaning services to weed out stubborn stains. Scrubbing and mopping are corporate office cleaning services in Gurgaon Delhi NCR.

Extensive Office Cleaning Solutions

At AKS Facilities Solution, we offer the following types of office Deep cleaning services:

  • – Office equipment cleaning
  • – Sofa cleaning
  • – Carpet cleaning
  • – Conference hall cleaning
  • – Cabins cleaning
  • – Wall cleaning
  • – Bathroom cleaning
  • – Pantry cleaning


The team consists of experienced members who hold rich industry experience and are also certified by the hotel management and housekeeping departments. Opt for prominent office cleaning service providers in Gurgaon Delhi  NCR that caters to overall cleaning solutions.

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