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Sanitization services in Gurgaon

At AKS FACILITIES, we offer sanitation services that will make sure that your domestic or commercial
environment is clean. We are well-equipped with the newest sanitation technology so as to offer our
customers the best service possible. Our prices are affordable and vary counting on the services that you
simply require from us. We use top-notch tools and equipment that has all the wants to finish diverse
cleaning and sanitation operations. Our equipment and tools inventory includes a number of the best
within the industry, from floor and carpet cleaning machines, sewage treatment and evacuation
process, safe water transport system, recycling and waste bins/receptacles, safe chemical services
machines and heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners.

Common Surface That Requires Disinfection:

● Toys
● Kitchenwares (e.g. stove)
● Door handle/knobs
● Furniture
● Wall
● Floor
● Toilet bowl/sink

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