delhi ncr home deep cleaning services in Gurgaon

.home deep cleaning services in Gurgaon
AKS FACILITIES offers best deep cleaning services
We are one among the fastest growing highest quality home, office deep cleaning services in
Committed To Excellence
AKS FACILITIES assign a staff of a minimum of two or three cleaners to every site. We attempt
to assign an equivalent staff for normal site so as to make sure for highest quality cleaning
service. Our skilled cleaners are well trained and that they are expert In cleaning services. Our
professionals have experience In office cleaning and residential cleaning, we’ll do our greatest
and obtain obviate any dirt or dust. Our staff are prepared with professional cleaning
suggest by the documented manufacturers within the business.
AKS FACILITIES believes that the equipment we use really matter. All the equipment we use are
natural and non-toxic, which makes them healthier for your home and safer for the people
Full House Deep Cleaning Services
Full Home Deep Cleaning Services (That every corner of your home are going to be pristine
and spotless)
Cleaning of all door and windows:
Cleaning of toilet and Kitchen Deep Cleaning
Dry Vacuuming Of Sofa, Carpet, Curtains.
Floor Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning
All Room, Balcony, Fan And Windows

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